20 Bitcoin Slang Terms And Idioms You Should Know

Cryptocurrency appears to be all over the place you look. When you’ve researched Bitcoin, you’ve most likely encountered complicated jargon there and throughout the whole crypto market.

Whether or not you’re a seasoned investor or a newcomer to the great world of Bitcoin, try to be effectively acquainted with the totally different crypto slang and idioms associated to it.


Suppose Bitcoin fans don’t have a humorousness? HODL will show you improper. This crypto slang time period began in December 2013 when a member of the Bitcoin board made a submit that contained the textual content “I’m hodling.” What he really meant was he was “holding” his crypto coin long-term. In fact, Bitcoin fans wouldn’t let this typo go.

The submit quickly turned a meme, and bitcoin followers used it as an acronym for “maintain on for expensive life.” It’s primarily used within the crypto group when the worth of Bitcoin (or now, when every other specific coin) falls to discourage individuals from promoting. They journey it out till its worth will increase once more.

2. To the moon

Within the cryptocurrency market, the expression “to the moon” is used to explain a forex growing quickly to a a lot greater worth. It implies that the worth is so excessive, it reaches the floor of the moon. Bitcoiners have even began to make use of “mooning” as an alternative of “growing” when referring to Bitcoin costs.

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3. When moon

Apart from “to the moon,” there may be additionally one other expression, “when moon,” used to explain cases when the costs of a specific cryptocurrency go up. This example is the time when holders are inspired to promote their Bitcoins.

4. When lambo

In actual life, if you ask individuals, “when will you purchase a Lamborghini?” you imply it actually. The identical additionally goes for Bitcoin when holders ask “when Lambo” within the crypto world. It refers to when they are going to be wealthy sufficient via their crypto property to purchase a Lamborghini with their cryptocurrency.

5. FOMO (explicitly referring to crypto coin)

When you don’t exit with your mates on Saturday evening, you will have FOMO or the “worry of lacking out”. Or, if you happen to miss out on a sizzling inventory within the inventory market, you might need FOMO.

Within the cryptocurrency world, although, this time period can also be used to consult with the sensation you get if you see an enormous improve in a cryptocurrency that you simply don’t personal.

Due to this, you promote different cash you at the moment must get on the bandwagon. Cryptocurrency buying and selling is especially pushed by feelings as an alternative of valuation. This purpose is why FOMO is a big think about swing buying and selling with cryptocurrency.

6. FUD

FUD means “worry, uncertainty, and doubt,” sometimes used when referring to the whole cryptocurrency house. This time period can be utilized to consult with the adverse press that daunts individuals from investing in cryptocurrency. In some instances, it will possibly imply “details you dislike.”

7. Shill

While you hear cryptocurrency fans use the phrase “shilling,” don’t be confused. Because of this they’re selling a selected cryptocurrency in a really corrupt means for their very own achieve. For instance, a pal can warn you, “Yeah, he’s solely persuading you to purchase that crypto as a result of he’s a shill!”

8. OCD

Many individuals have obsessive-compulsive dysfunction. For Bitcoin merchants, OCD means one thing totally different: obsessive cryptocurrency dysfunction.

This time period is used to explain a situation that develops in individuals who personal bitcoin. People who’ve this are so obsessive about Bitcoin that they continuously watch its costs go up and down, 24/7.

9. Bitshaming

When a HODLer is mocked by one other HODLer for not having an enormous worth in Bitcoin but, they’re being bitshamed. Probably the most well-known examples of bitshaming concerned Andreas Antonopoulos, a Bitcoin lecturer. Antonopoulos was shamed when he admitted not HODLing his bitcoin as a result of he wanted cash to cowl his hire and different payments.

10. Nocoiner

Do you have already got bitcoin? If not, you’re a nocoiner. Many bitcoin holders could scoff at you for not relishing its potential. Whereas it could be used for everybody who doesn’t have a bitcoin, this time period primarily targets skeptics and nonbelievers.

11. Bitcoin maximalist

What different cryptocurrencies are you able to title other than Bitcoin? When you ask a Bitcoin maximalist, his reply could be it doesn’t matter! These individuals dwell by their precept that Bitcoin would be the solely cryptocurrency and take over the world. In brief, they’re responsible of hyperbitcoinization.

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12. Vaporware

You may belief Bitcoin holders to give you fancy names for cash you don’t need in your pockets. Vaporwave are cash which have artificially inflated worth. Sadly, they’re price nothing. You actually can’t assist it, as vaporwave will lose worth over time.

13. P&D

P&D stands for “pump and dump.” The “pump” in “pump and dump” refers to a sudden improve in worth made by merchants who purchase huge quantities of Bitcoin to create the phantasm of demand. This impact causes others to buy that coin resulting from FOMO. Then, these persons are pressured to “dump” their different cash.

14. Whale

Think about a whale. Due to its large measurement, it takes up ample house. This time period represents individuals who personal greater than 5% of cryptocurrency cash.

In fact, these individuals might be harmful. The Bitcoin world is mysterious, and when its costs go down, many HODLers blame the whales, which can be true since they will dramatically affect the crypto market. One factor’s for positive; these whales are extremely wealthy and might get a Lambo each time they need.

15. BearWhale

Now that you simply already know what a whale is, it’s time to grasp the that means of BearWhale. A BearWhale is a huge dealer who believes that costs will fall. Due to this, they attempt to unload many bitcoins on the similar time.

In fact, this example will typically result in a disaster. It should take a complete lot of effort from HODLers and different Whales to normalize issues once more and revert the wrongdoings of a BearWhale.

16. Bag holder

HODLing is a good factor, however if you happen to miss the purpose of holding on to a specific coin, you change into a bag holder. Such a individual doesn’t perceive that they should let go when Bitcoin is reducing in worth. When you wait too lengthy, you’ll find yourself holding an empty bag. To emphasise the importance of this time period, holding is even spelled accurately when referring to this failing funding.

17. REKT

Many players are into cryptocurrency. This truth is why many cryptocurrency slang phrases are linked to gaming. Rekt is a time period that describes when Bitcoin holders get blown out resulting from an immense coin collapse. For instance, if a bag holder refuses to let go, he’s going to get rekt.

18. Choyna

What does Choyna sound like? When you thought “China,” you bought it proper. However why is that this time period related?

This truth is due to a lot exercise from mining Bitcoin from merchants in China. This time period originated from “Flibbr,” a Bitcoin dealer who used the phrase to mock President Donald Trump.

19. Fudders

Fudders are bitcoin merchants who imagine bitcoin costs will fall. In different phrases, they’ll purchase bitcoin, so its worth decreases.

As a dealer, their objective is to earn a living by promoting bitcoin for lower than it’s in the mean time or buying and selling with huge positive aspects of greater than 10% over 8 hours. Readers could discover grasping Fudders annoying as a result of they make bitcoin go down in worth; nonetheless, you possibly can’t assist however admire these individuals in the event that they develop into right.

In bitcoin, you win some and lose some. For instance, bitcoin fell to $18K in January 2018. Many bitcoin merchants thought the cryptocurrency market was about to fall off a cliff and that bitcoin’s worth could be sub $10K quickly. As bitcoin holders panicked, Fudders began to purchase bitcoin on the backside worth of $18K. Quickly sufficient, bitcoin rose from $20K to $27K inside a couple of days.

20. Melon

What does Melon sound like? When you thought “melon,” you bought it proper! Melon is a time period that refers to bitcoin itself, the digital forex. Why? This truth comes from a music referred to as “Fruit Salad” by the South Korean lady group named Wassup.

New bitcoin slang is popping out on a regular basis as a result of Bitcoin intently follows the lineage of different slang earlier than it. For instance, pioneers use acronyms like LMAO to characterize “laughing my a** off” amongst players who typically act impulsively and say goofy issues. Slang evolves as societies change, so it’s important to remain up-to-date with this rising lexicon. Don’t change into a bag bitcoin holder by ignoring bitcoin slang that you simply don’t perceive.


Stepping into Bitcoin might be fairly overwhelming not simply due to its mysterious nature but in addition due to the variety of unfamiliar phrases you’ll encounter. Now that you simply perceive essentially the most generally used jargon within the Bitcoin group, you possibly can sound like an knowledgeable.

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